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Exercise Management - Creating a Positive Body Experience


We will:

  • Explore your exercise behaviours and motivations, and work to your strengths

  • Identify your exercise drivers

  • Work collaboratively with you to design an individually tailored exercise programme appropriate for your current level of activity

  • Assist you to develop moderate and flexible exercise routines and attitudes

  • Educate you on types of exercise to improve your core strength, posture and bone health

  • Enhance your health  and recovery through having a wider repertoire of activities to choose from

  • Explore alternative methods to manage your stress/anxiety/mood, instead of solely relying on exercise as your key coping strategy


You will:

  • Have a greater understanding of your relationship to exercise and to your body

  • Develop healthy attitudes and appropriate exercise behaviours

  • Make positive choices to achieve your health, lifestyle and fitness goals

  • Recognise when exercise is becoming problematic and learn strategies to address this

  • Find a balanced way to be involved in and enjoy physical exercise

  • Improve your posture through core strengthening and movement awareness

  • Strengthen your use of healthy types of physical activities that promote recovery

  • Increase your body awareness and use this to to make healthy and protective choices

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