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Body Image Awareness - Creating a Positive Body Experience

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  • Do you lack trust and confidence in your body?

  • Do you have trouble accepting your body image?

  • Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror?

  • Do you judge yourself negatively and expect others to do the same?

We can identify the barriers and facilitators to achieving a healthy relationship with your body. We will build an embodied sense of self that is safe, strong, confident and feels good, through a combination of body-oriented therapies, exercises, education, sensory mindfulness, relaxation methods, and therapeutic touch.

You will:

  • Build a positive and respectful relationship with your body

  • Recover the connection between your body your mind and you

  • Improve your body awareness and self-care

  • Enhance your awareness of your internal needs and resources through better attunement with your body

  • Regain a sense of strength, resilience and trust in your body

  • Grow your self esteem and practice self compassion

  • Engage in positive protective behaviours to improve your health

  • Develop a healthy embodied awareness of all aspects of your self

  • Gain a more realistic and positive body image through integrated bodywork and creative expression

  • Experience a sense of appreciation and acceptance of your body

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