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Eating Disorders – Creating a Positive Body Experience

  • Do you exercise as a way of managing your anxiety?

  • Do you find it hard to relax?

  • Are your friends and family concerned about your excessive exercise?

  • Do you lack trust and confidence in your body?

  • Do you have trouble accepting your body image?

  • Do you avoid looking at yourself in the mirror?

We can identify the barriers and facilitators to achieving a healthy relationship with your body. Using a combination of body-oriented therapies, sensory mindfulness, education, breathing and therapeutic exercise we can help you:

  • Identify the barriers and facilitators to achieving healthy physical activity and exercise

  • Build a positive and respectful relationship with your body

  • Experience a sense of calm, safety, and presence

  • Improve your posture and body awareness

  • Regain a sense of strength, resilience and trust in your body

  • Make positive choices to achieve your health and fitness goals

  • Experience an appreciation and acceptance of your body

As a BodySense practitioner and Physiotherapist my focus is on managing exercise behaviours and creating a Positive Body Experience using the body and its senses to manage your anxiety and stressors. Together we explore your body experience, sensations, feelings, exercise behaviour, anxiety and body image concerns. The therapeutic interventions I provide are complementary and integrative to the treatment and monitoring you will be receiving from other health care providers for your eating disorder.

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