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Anxiety Management - Creating a Positive Body Experience

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We can only fully relax when the mind and the body are both feeling safe and calm. We will build a sense of wellbeing that is safe, calm and present through a variety of body-oriented relaxation, breathing and mindfulness techniques. By learning and practicing the restorative breathing and sensory mindfulness techniques in combination with therapeutic touch, you can reduce the feelings of stress and anxiety and gain a sense of control over your body, mind and emotions, creating calm, peace and balance in your life again.

You will:

  • Enhance your health  and recovery through having a wider repertoire of methods to manage your stress/anxiety/mood.

  • Expand your range of mindfulness skills and relaxation techniques

  • Learn and practise a range of sensory awareness and mindfulness based physical relaxation techniques that feel right for you

  • Increase your ability to manage negative or distressing emotion and feelings that you may experience in your body

  • Reduce your reliance on excessive exercise to manage your anxiety

  • Experience a sense of calm, safety, lightness and presence

  • Improve your body awareness

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