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Health and Wellbeing through your Body, your Mind and You

About Yolande

Physiotherapist and BodySense Practitioner

NZRP Dip Phys., PG Cert Health Science (MindBody Healthcare)

Dip. BodySense Therapy (Sweden)

Reiki (NZ)

Building on her physiotherapy training, Yolande has successfully integrated a range of evidence-based holistic therapies and exercise methods into her practice, specialising in a MindBody approach to healthcare through body-oriented techniques. She has completed postgraduate training in MindBody Healthcare, Pilates and Yoga, and lectures within the healthcare profession.

Yolande has over 30 years experience working with adults, children and adolescents in a variety of healthcare settings, including specialist services for eating disorders, breathing disorders, occupational health and workplace rehabilitation, chronic pain, disability and refugees, supporting her clients recovery from a variety of complex and chronic conditions.

Yolande’s expertise lies in her ability to gently connect the mind and body through body oriented and sensory therapies, using breath, movement, mindfulness and therapeutic touch. Treatment programmes are personalised to provide a balanced, holistic and practical approach to restoring health, wellbeing and function.




Breathing Pattern Disorders


Eating Disorders


Anxiety Management


Workplace Wellbeing/ Preventing Burnout


Exercise Management 


Chronic Pain


Body Image Awareness


BodySense Therapy 

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